Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Geoff Meade Q&A

so Geoff Meade how long have you been riding?
~10 years bra!!!!!

so what is the name of your sweet whip?

so what made you start riding BMX?
~the dope ass chicks !!! na idk i just kinda fell into it really. its been so long i kinda forget

have you ever hit someone while riding your bike in rage?
~nah im usually real cool with everybody. never in rage

what kind of rad toon you listen to when you rip it up on the park/streets?
~i listen to whatever i want. usually something that makes me shred. and tipacal of whatever spot im ridn

So why do you run a freecoster?
~why not? its like the gyro its somthing that was made spicifically for bmx. and it makes your rollbacks look better. it also seemed like a good way to get out of learning manuals

have any last words or people to thanks?
~shred the gnar and ride yo bike. and everyone who has shreded with me along the way

180 to fullcab into/over garbage

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