Wednesday, June 3, 2009

KEV KEV Interview


so KEV KEV how long have you been riding?
"bikecycles or girls?"

bikes Kevin?
"like 3 yearz ishhh"

so what is the name of your sweet whip?
"car= captin planet bike= BERTHHHHHAAAAAA"

so what made you start riding BMX?
"wellll one day i was sitting at home minding my own business then a man came up to me(he offered me free candy) you no what he said? "some people think cucumbers taste better as pickles" but i started riding bmx because it seemed like a good idea at the time but then i relized dancing was my true passion."


have you ever hit someone while riding your bike in rage?
"why yes, yes i have =D"

so it seems like every time I put and edit of you trying a flippy-thing, you never seem to land any of them. Why is this?
“fat peoplez cant fly to well so I should probably not flip but instead I just do over it.”

what kind of rad toon you listen to when you rip it up on the park/streets of hopatcong?
“backsteet boys,Hannah montanah, Katie perry and anything else gay that gives me a chuckel”

so how punk are you??
“f*ck me “

have any last words or people to thanks ?
Boss for being a big puppy, whoever invented free coasters cause they r fun, captin crunch, mommy and dad, western bike co, out of same bike co and saterday bikes for the flow, my favorite rider Garett Palmere, the people that make rootbeer, andddd lenney kravitz ,”


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